2012 Route

Stage One – Tuesday 9th October

117km – Tian An Men Square to Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium

Map – Stage One

Profile – Stage One

Itinerary – Stage One

Stage Two – Wednesday 10th October

126km – Bird’s Nest to Men Tou Gou

Map – Stage Two

Profile – Stage Two

Itinerary – Stage Two (update coming soon)

Stage Three – Thursday 11th October

162.5km – Men Tou Gou to Badaling Great Wall

Map – Stage Three

Profile – Stage Three

Itinerary – Stage Three

Stage Four – Friday 12th October

165.5km – Yanqing to Chang Ping

Map – Stage Four

Profile – Stage Four

Itinerary – Stage Four

Stage Five – Saturday 13th October

182.5km – Chang Ping to Ping Gu

Map – Stage Five

Profile – Stage Five

Itinerary – Stage Five